ADHD Test : Be careful about the possibility of misdiagnosis of other diseases!

In order to prevent the spread of corona infection, most school education has been replaced with online classes.
When children went to school, parents were unaware of it, but looking at the progress of the online classes held at home, parents see that their child is unable to concentrate and shows distracted behavior. Parents sometimes question ‘maybe it’s ADHD?’

The child has to watch the online class window and watch the lecture video while the class is in progress.
The situation in which the child cannot sit still and concentrate on the content of the lecture is continued.
That is why many people take the ADHD test before going to the hospital.

The most accurate and correct way is to get a diagnosis from a specialist. ​

Before that, if you suspect that your child may have ADHD symptoms, check to see if the child does not fall under any of the following conditions.
The evaluation and diagnosis of symptoms depends on the severity of the symptoms, so please evaluate it with the standard of suspicion.

Many parents look for the treatment of Severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
If the symptoms are severe and accompanied by lack of social skills, (i.e children with Asperger’s Syndrome) because ADHD is often misdiagnosed, you should not be quick to convince yourself with a personal assessment.

– It is difficult to concentrate well in performing tasks or activities, and mistakes often occur due to carelessness.
– Your child may have difficulty maintaining concentration at play or in class.
– My child does not listen well when someone is talking.
– They often do not follow instructions well and do not complete homework, assignments or assigned tasks.
– It is difficult for them to do things systematically when doing activities or tasks.
– There are many cases of dislike, avoid or resistance while being immersed in tasks or activities that require constant mental strength or concentration.
– My child often loses things that they need during certain activities. (For example, items such as homework preparations, toys, books, pencils, erasers, etc.)
– My child often forgets about daily things. ​
– There are many cases where my child’s limbs cannot stand still for even a moment, and the body continues to wriggle or move while sitting still.
– There are many cases of my child getting up during class or in situations where they should not be noisy or need to sit quietly.
– They may walk around unsuitably for normal situations or climb up to the point of wanting to pass by.
– My child has difficulty staying calm and immersed in play.
– In many cases, they behave as if they have a motor, and in many cases they move constantly.
– My child talks too much.
– There are many cases of interrupting or answering a question or answering before the other person’s question or words are finished.
– They cannot wait their turn.
– They interrupt or interfere a lot with others, and they intervene in conversations when someone is speaking. ​

ADHD usually appears in childhood and gradually improves with puberty.
However, if the symptoms worsen with age and there is no response to treatment, it is not just ADHD, it is possible that they have another type of disorder, so be sure to check it out.

If ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome are combined, Asperger’s Syndrome should be treated first.

In addition, we recommend that you consult with a specialist because the treatment for these two disorders must also be processed differently.

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