Autism treatment? Can autism be completely cured? I can say it now! Tomato Autism Treatment Protocol Completed!


It has been about 15 years since my relationship with “autism” began, and it has been more than 10 years since I fell in love with autism treatment.

The first reason I got more involved with autism and its treatment was when parents who were raising severely autistic children visited me through word of mouth.

They told me that they had heard rumors that children’s eye contact would start to improve after treatment.

Children with severe disabilities and weak cognitive development generally have weak eye contact.
Prescribing oriental medicine well could to initiate and increase eye contact and develop cognition well.

Ever since these treatments had been rumored to be of great help to autistic children, more people started coming to the clinic and we started treating severely autistic children.

At that time, there was a child who was delayed in speaking and had a hard time making friends.
At first, I thought it was just the child’s personality.

The difficulty was not the cause of personality limitations or a lack of sociality but I found out that it was “Asperger Syndrome,” a mild autism spectrum disorder.

Then I spent 10 years immersed in autism treatment like it was fate.


It’s not hard to improve levels of eye contact with just oriental medicine.
It is clear that autism could soon be cured.

If you have normal visual processing and auditory processing skills,
Soon, it will be clear that it is possible for an autistic child to develop social skills independently.

While working hard towards the goal, I experienced countless children recovering from normal development.
The conviction that my judgment was not wrong grew over time.

But the greater the confidence, the greater the joy of watching the cured children became.
However, the pain of watching the children who couldn’t be cured was greater.
More questions and setbacks had been repeated as much as the hope of revealing a logical cure.

I was ridiculed by countless people who criticized the claim that herbal medicine can cure autism.
It didn’t hurt much.

But the biggest pain was that I couldn’t answer two questions properly.

The first question was to find the reason for “improvement, which is worsening again”

Nine out of 10 people’s eye contact improved within a month or two after starting treatment.
It was an outstanding achievement!

And this meant that the child was in a state of cranial nerves growth that could develop beyond autism.
However, if the treatment continued, many children repeatedly experience regression again.

If they didn’t solve this problem, the children would only have slight improvement, and it would have been difficult to be completely cured.
It was necessary to find the cause of the regression during treatment period and establish a treatment mechanism for it.

 The second question was to find out, ‘What are the causes and mechanisms of improving treatment with herbal medicine?’

How on earth does herbal medicine improve autism?
Patients and carers have repeatedly asked questions about this.

But I didn’t have the right answer.
It was a question that no one on Earth had an answer to, of course, it was linked to traditional Chinese medicine.

I needed an answer.
Only then can we match autism spectrum disorders with different symptoms and different regression patterns
This is because even herbal medicines can respond according to the pattern of autism spectrum, it is not a one-size-fits-all response.

Only then can various autistic children who have improved in eye contact lead to normal development.


To find answers to these two questions, I had to search through books and papers.
The efforts of DAN doctors who tried to cure autism in the United States also helped a lot.
Dr. DAN, completely different from the doctors. Nemeczek’s argument also helped a lot.

But all of these arguments were only partially correct, and they could not control the whole of autism.
The limitations of their theory were also expressed in the limitations of treatment rates.

Compared to the brilliant theory, the treatment rate was less than expected.

We had to overcome the limitations of their argument to find the answer. I couldn’t get help from anyone.

Various claims have been repeated through my clinical experience to filter out claims that I think are valid.

And these arguments were gathered and woven into seed and raw.

I’m finally answering two questions.

Now, few children have improved during treatment and regressed again.
Of course, treatment rates have risen dramatically.

And then I understand how herbal medicine can cure autism
It is now possible to solve various problems that appear during treatment.

To answer two questions, it means that the autistic treatment system is complete.
If there is a completed treatment protocol, the following two issues have been addressed in the clinical course:

First, it’s possible to determine the prognosis.

Clearly aware of the indications and limitations of the treatment protocol,
The prognosis can be determined by distinguishing between autism to be treated and autism to be treated.

Whether or not children are treatable can be classified before treatment.
In some difficult cases, it became possible to judge 3 to 4 months after the start of treatment.

Second, not only mild cases, but also severe cases
We have a complete treatment system that fits the patient’s condition.

If you have mild autism, it’s easier to treat
If you have autism, you can treat it in a more difficult way.

Eventually, it means that we now have a complete protocol in autistic therapy.


So I’m going to introduce the completed treatment protocol, It’s called the Dr. Tomato Protocol.
Soon, we will share the ‘Dr. Tomato Protocol’ with you through various channels.

The Dr. Tomato Protocol will tell you what causes autism and how it worsens.

And it stops the mechanism of autism deterioration and restores it.
I will give you detailed information about the treatment protocol.

Dr. Tomato Protocol: Thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diet, and Nutritional Therapy
Everyone will be publicly informed.
If you understand the protocol and participate in treatment, I am sure you will be able to lead children to improve without too much confusion.

Let’s stop introducing daily videos on YouTube for a while, and Dr. We will have a time to introduce the tomato protocol.

By creating a space, which includes books, papers, and a website dedicated to the protocol of Dr. Tomato,
It will be continuously updated.


Once again, I’m going to answer questions from people around the world.

“Can you cure autism?”
Yes! You can fix it.

“Is it possible to cure autism?”
Yes! Early treatment can cure it.

“Is it difficult to treat autism in older ages?”
No!~! It’s possible if it’s mild even if you’re older, and there’s no intellectual damage.

Autism is a condition that can be cured! 

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