‘Biomedical Treatment of Autism and Developmental Disorders’ – Autism is a degenerative disease.

It’s a book that I started reading recently. The English title is Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD.

American biomedical treatments don’t have very high rates of recovery.
There is an ignorant way of thinking towards herbal medicine and that it is not as effective as biomedical methods.
I delayed and postponed my full study of biomedical science.
I just took a few nutritional supplements and used them.

But I recently changed my mind.
A breakthrough was needed for children who had difficulty improving with oriental medicine alone.

If you collate the results of the biomedical approach in a complete way there is also an expectation that the treatment rate of using herbal medicine would be higher.

As I started reading books,
I was so moved and thrilled about this revelation.

Author, Dr. William Shaw, speaks with conviction.

‘Autism is a degenerative disease.
“There are children who sometimes get better and get out of autism…”

It’s completely consistent with what I’ve been saying repeatedly.

A man who has had a completely different experience on the other side of the world, a completely different mode of medical science is making the same argument.
The reason is simple.
Because it’s the truth.
Because it’s the right argument.

Autism is a degenerative disease, so it can be treated.
This is a clear truth.
A few doctors still make the case, but…
I am sure that in the next few decades a majority of doctors will agree to this argument.

I’m probably the only one in Korea to claim that autism is a degenerative disease.
There’s been a lot of criticism and a lot of skepticism.
Just as scammers and businessmen continue to be criticized.

It was lonely to follow my beliefs at the expense of such criticism.
But reading Dr. William Shaw’s article made me feel reassured.
There are doctors all over the world who study and treat autism with the same belief.
I’m just one of those doctors.

I am confident that the day will come when autism and developmental disabilities will be completely conquered.
And I expect that I will be one of those stepping stones.

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