The Last Winner of Autism Therapy! A carbohydrate-restricted diet

A few things Q&A , to parents who are currently on a diet.

𝗣𝗔𝗥𝗧 𝟭 : Answering dietary questions,
It’s a big topic, but I’m going to answer a few questions and tell you a story.

Is autistic treatment possible with diet alone?

Absolutely not!! It is right to say that a diet can help with treatment, but it can’t be treated “by diet alone.”

Is there a case where you can cure it completely without a diet?

There are quite a few cases in which children under 30 months of age can be treated without diet if they use the herbal medicine well.
After 36 months, it is very rare to be completely cured without a diet.

Gluten casein free diet vs. ketone diet (carbohydrate restricted diet) which is the better treatment?

Studies show that the effect of the two diets is similar however at times the ketone diet can be slightly better.
In other words, both are effective, but neither diet is unilaterally superior.

What is your recommendation for a gluten casein free diet vs. a ketone diet?

If you have mild symptoms, I recommend Gluten Casaine Free Diet. This is because GFCF diet is more convenient and nutritional safety than ketone diet. However, if you are seriously ill or older. I strongly recommend that you proceed with both methods together.

For how long should I go on a diet? Should I do it for the rest of my life?

My answer is simple. Proceed until the child recovers to a neurotypical level. It’s hard to cure even if you stop eating dairy and carbohydrates. It is very clear that eating carbohydrates accelerates children’s regression. Therefore, you should continue your diet until you reach a normal level. I spent a long time in conflict with myself before I decided to introduce a carbohydrate-restricted diet into the treatment.It was already 15 to 16 years ago that I deeply sympathized with the usefulness of a ketone diet for cranial nerve diseases.We experienced a number of children who improved with a ketone diet and improved awareness in severe epilepsy.Of course, it was expected to help autistic children.

However, I was unsure of the overall result moving forward. Then, in recent years, a number of papers had begun to explain that a ketone diet is also useful for autism.Still, it was not easy to implement. It was because of safety concerns.I couldn’t answer the question, “should everyone ban rice and bread?“ (carbohydrates)It has long been known that fruits, which are essential because they are rich in nutrients, should be avoided, and that sugar and grains are the problem.However, can there be no problem with nutrition in this state?Even if it works, it cannot be done if it is nutritionally fatal.It could not be applied to patients because studies weren‘t sure of its stability.In recent years, I have had the opportunity to study and understand nutritional treatments.

Through these studies, I could understand that a ketone diet is nutritionally safe.Furthermore, carnivores, raised their families as carnivoresOnly after confirming the appearance of living a healthy life can I have confidence in stability.Still, there was a lot of hesitation to apply it to real life. By then, my brave parents had become my teachers. I was able to meet many parents who wanted to combine oriental medicine therapy with ketone diet for their children.The children were very healthy even in a long carbohydrate-restricted diet.And they showed a rapid improvement despite their severe condition and age.Before that, it showed a much higher treatment performance compared to when only herbal medicine treatment was conducted.It was neither studies nor nutrition that led me to actively proceed with a carbohydrate-restricted diet after 15 years of hesitation. There were parents who did not hesitate to accept the brave challenge for their children.Now, when treating intractable autism, the GFCF diet does not stop and the carbohydrate-restricted diet is combined.

As a result, the rate of recovery to the neurotypical has increased significantly.Now, the protocol of autism treatment seems to be almost complete.The above questions and answers are conclusions made from experiences and learning.I thank all the parents for teaching me.Not all dietary therapies can aid in a recovery from autism. But most of the children who have succeeded in escaping autism are those who are on a diet.

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