How the five stages of the Dr. Tomato Protocol work to cure Autism.

Phase 1 is prescribed to improve input disorders or sensory processing disorders. The herbs used in phase 1 are mainly for anti-inflammatory and antiviral purposes. The first effect of phase 1 medicine is the improvement of the sensory processing disorder by restoring the brainstem function, so first of all, you will find improved and regular eye contact, better call response, a better understanding of receptive language, and better execution of instructions start to improve rapidly within a short period. The second effect is to stabilize the autonomic nervous system by reducing inflammatory responses in the hypothalamus. Once the autonomic nervous system is stabilized, the child can sleep without needing pills or melatonin.  Second, the child’s bowel movements will improve, with less constipation, diarrhea, and steadier bowel movements. Third, the child’s digestive system and psychological well-being will improve.

The second phase prescription is not entirely different from the first stage prescription. The first phase prescription remains the same, but additional herbs are added to increase cerebral pressure and increase cerebral blood flow in children with autism as well as to improve digestion. The goal of these additions is to improve output disorder.  I call the 2 phase herbal formula a prescription for input and output disorder. The second prescription phase activates the child’s cerebral cortex, enabling active cognitive activity. In addition, since the damaged nerves in the motor area are restored, you will see improvements in the whole-body and tongue movements.  At this point, motor skills and expressive language improve significantly.  Many parents say that their child has become very noisy and tried to make sounds while using the second phase of herbal medicine.  This phenomenon occurs during the process of improving motor skills and expressive language. Another effect is the improvement of SIBO symptoms through enhanced digestion.  How can we note improvement in SIBO symptoms?  You can tell by the fact that your child is almost entirely free of dullness. SIBO symptoms often cause dullness, and you can see this being eliminated.

The phase 3 prescription is still the same as the phase 1 and 2, but with more additions. Various herbs are added, in large doses, to reduce the autoimmune inflammatory response.  What happens when there is an autoimmune response is the discharge and self-boosting of brain cells.  The discharging and boosting of brain cells occur without any external stimulus, and the child becomes immersed in their thoughts and unable to react to the outside world. This is what I call an ‘immersion disorder.’ This immersion disorder can only be resolved by improving the autoimmune response.  Interacting with the outside world is impossible when you’re in an immersive state, so you need a prescription that stops the autoimmune response and improves the immersive condition. All three-phase approaches integrated and simultaneously improved input + output + immersion disorder.

The fourth prescription phase aims to improve cognitive decline, which is the last challenge after improving sensory impairment in children with ASD. As you know, cognition itself is impaired in ASD.  Blood flow to the brain decreases, and so does the brain’s response system and reaction time. As a result, the child’s appearance is much weaker than their innate intelligence.  Phase 4 consists of many herbal ingredients that can dramatically increase blood flow to the brain. In particular, it is composed of herbs that can increase cognitive activity and speed up information processing through the activation of the prefrontal lobe. Therefore, phase 4 is very effective in improving attention and learning ability.  When you treat autism, you should never stop at sensory disorders or autonomic disorders; you should go beyond that to improve the child’s cognitive and learning development. We can say that the autism cure is done when we go to the stage of improving cognitive and learning disorders. 

However, there may still be an intermediate stage, i.e., the stage where the cognitive development should go forward along with the phase 4 prescription, but the sensory impairment still exists. In other words, if there is a period when cognitive disorder and sensory challenges coexist, then I combine phase 1 + phase 4 herbal medicine to create a stage called phase 3.5 and use stage 3.5 for a specific time.

When you start the Dr. Tomato Protocol with me, your child will typically be on one of the 1-2-3 phases at the beginning, and they’ll be on one of those three stages for about six months, and then they’ll be on the 3.5 phase for about a year.  By the time of the 3.5 phase, they’ll have almost all of their autistic traits gone, and they’ll be functioning close to their peers in everyday life. From there, the child will go through the final phase of treatment, Phase 4, to improve learning capacity and attention and eliminate ADHD tendencies, last six months to a year.  This is the step in the long journey of autism cure in Dr. Tomato’s protocol. I hope you follow along with the treatment with a good understanding of where your child is in the process and what stage of herbal medicine they are taking.

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