Proof of herbal medicine effectiveness

It has been proven that herbal medicine has an autism treatment effect!

Dr. Tomato has published a paper on autism treatment in Frontiers in Neurology, one of the world’s top 3 academic journals in neurology. Frontiers is an authoritative SCI-level international academic journal recognized as one of the top 3 journals in the world.

It is the first research in the world to confirm the effectiveness of an integrated treatment program of herbal medicine,/ DIR floortime, and sensory development therapy.

In 6 months of herbal medicine treatment and DIR floortime intervention integrated treatment program,

– 22% of children improved to standard level based on ADOS
– CARS rate decreased from 34.6 to 28.5 on average
– ABC rate decreased from 69.3 to 39.7 in Average
– Based on CARS and ABC, about 33% of children are placed out of the autism diagnosis range.

This research conducted by Dr. tomato’s team reports data from 3-4 years ago. In 2023 because the protocol has been developed so far, it will show a much higher treatment rate and innumerable children recovering to a standard category.

Dr. Tomato is planning to conduct new research, a double-blind study, with only herbal medicines to prove the effectiveness of autism treatment using only herbal medication. The double-blind study is one of the top-notch research methods, and Dr. Tomato hopes for more startling evidence that herbal medicines contribute to autism.

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