How does Korean herbal medicine work to create autism treatment effect 1? (How will Korean herbal medicine treat the causes and aggravating factors of autism? )


πŸ“• First: Restoration of the control function of the brain stem through antiviral action
πŸ“™ Second: Restoration of intestinal flora instability and removal of propionic acid
πŸ“’ Third: Restoration of digestive function and stabilization of SIBO symptoms through autonomic nervous system recovery
πŸ“— Fourth: Stabilization of autoimmunity in the central nervous system
πŸ“˜ Fifth: Increased reactivity of the central nervous system and recovery of information processing speed

πŸ“• First: Brainstem and autonomic nervous system control function recovery through antiviral action

I believe herbal remedies based on the Dr. Tomato protocol are far superior to other biomedical therapies and fecal transplants.

The key reason is the antiviral effect produced by herbal medicine. As pointed out earlier, the primary cause of autism spectrum is a viral infection. It is the direct cause of autism that the brainstem and hypothalamus begin to be damaged due to viral infection of the central nervous system. When the brainstem and hypothalamus viruses begin to be brought under control, within a week or two, the autistic symptoms begin to be eliminated, producing a remarkable effect.

Increase in eye contact, decrease in auditory and tactile pursuit, improvement in attention span, improvement in sleep disorder, and improvement in digestion and defecation ability appear all at once within 1-2 weeks. This phenomenon explains that the inflammation of the central nervous system caused by the virus began to be controlled.

Incompetent viruses kill the host (human), but competent viruses live symbiotically with the host (human). Autism is a disorder in which a virus invading the central nervous system continuously coexists with humans, grows, develops, and worsens. Therefore, other therapies other than those that can control the central nervous system virus will be difficult to treat autistic symptoms effectively.

The problem is that the existing chemically prepared antiviral agents have very limited effects. It is virtually impossible to develop an antiviral agent with a common impact on various mutant viruses. We are experiencing the pandemic situation due to corona and feel desperate for this fact. It is impossible to develop even when the causative virus is precise, and it will be almost impossible to create an antiviral agent that can effectively control the occurrence of autism, which is presumed to be involved in various viral infections.

However, through the research process of the past few years, I was able to create a very effective antiviral action using natural herbal medicines. It is widely confirmed that natural medications such as cinnamon, ginseng, and ephedra have antiviral effects. In particular, the reason why traditional medicine (ethnomedical) using the combination of natural treatments has an antiviral effect can be explained in two ways as follows:

How can traditional medicine (ethnomedical) based on the combination of natural substances (medicinal herbs) have an antiviral effect?

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