How does Korean Herbal medicine work for eye contact?

How does Korean Herbal medicine work for eye contact?

Many people ask how Korean Herbal medicine can quickly restore eye contact. In many cases, we recognized eye contact as the first noticeable effect of the protocol. The Dr. Tomato protocol approach is the fundamental treatment of autism. Based on Dr. Tomato protocol, I believe that Korean herbal medicine is superior to other biomedical treatments or stool transplantation methods as a cure for autism. The key reason is the antiviral effect produced by Korean herbal medication.

However, herbal medicines do not show antiviral effects by one or two mechanisms. The most important thing is blending. For more information, see “New Look to Phytomedicine,” published in 2019.

It directly eliminates the virus by promoting its autophagy function. Second, it directly inhibits virus propagation, thereby weakening the proliferation. Third, it suppresses virus proliferation by generating reactive oxygen species. Fourth, it induces changes in viral gene expression, making the virus less lethal. Fifth, activating the mucous membrane’s defense function blocks the virus’s penetration.

Through these comprehensive body reactions, natural treatment using herbal medicines opens up the possibility of winning the war against viruses and eliminating the root cause of autism.

Only a combination of several medicinal agents can produce a therapeutic effect. Therefore, to be precise, the herbal formulation creates an impact.
How does Korean Herbal Medicine treat autism? 

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