They treat autism with only nutritional supplements. Really?

There seems to be a trend in treating autism.

A popular treatment is repeated and then its effects weaken.

It is currently the trend to fundamentally treat autism through intestinal bacterial gun treatment.

The phenomenon that immunity related intestinal abnormalities cause abnormalities in the brain is one of the most important causes of autism. It’s a very familiar phenomenon for me, who has been arguing it for a long time.In light of the reality in Korea, which does not distinguish between treatment of autism and education and training, it is a progressive trend.

But it’s not just a pleasure. The concern is also very great.

This is because clumsy trends are worse than not.

People who try to treat autism through the recovery of intestinal bacteria often choose a functional medicine approach.

Intestinal bacterial tests using stool tests, urine organic acid tests, hair tests, delayed allergy tests, and after genetic testing the feeding of lactic acid bacteria. It’s a way to take nearly 10 nutritional supplements.

In Korea, biomedical treatments are developed in the U.S and being applied under the name Functional Medicine Therapy.

It’s a very cautious story, but you have to share your experience with the United States.

### The beginning of a biomedical cure.

The trend toward treating autism with biomedical treatments is to be used in the United States
Defeat Autism Now (DAN) (Let’s go beat autism right now!) Formulation in the field. They have produced numerous research results and distributed various treatments.
The efforts of DAN doctors once raised hopes that autism will turn into a treatable disease.

However, unfortunately these efforts resulted in failure.The treatment protocols that they announced have now been discontinued and the DAN Doctors’ Meeting has been disbanded.
There are many reasons, but what are the fundamental reasons?

It was the failure to conquer autism with the treatment offered by the DAN doctors.

What is the decisive cause of failure?
Among the nutritional supplements they adopted as a treatment, the issue was the nutritional supplements that show consistent and reproducible effects – there wasn’t a single one.The reality was that only when the effect was realised, about 20% showed only a slight improvement, let alone treatment.

The most reproducible treatment created by DAN doctors is not nutritional therapy.

Rather, it’s gluten-free casein-free diet.
This therapy was shared by parents before DAN doctors even introduced nutritional treatments.Consistently high therapeutic effects were ‘GFCF diet’ and ‘ketone diet’.This is a natural result.

At this point, I would like to point out only one thing.
I’m not against the trend of treating autism with the help of functional medicine.

Rather I would say to avoid treatments that only prescribe nutritional supplements without a change in diet.

Clearly, these treatments have very little interest or sense in the mission of treating autism spectrum disorder.

Beyond a functional medicine approach that focuses on nutritional supplements,
It’s time for a new flow of DAN doctors to emerge.

Little by little, such attempts are emerging.

My approach is also poor, but it is in the middle of a new trend of attempts.

I will prepare a little more and fully disclose the treatment hypothesis and protocol that I think.
We look forward to inheriting the efforts of the DAN doctors and proceeding with the completed treatment.

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