How can traditional medicine (ethnomedical) based on the combination of natural substances (medicinal herbs) have an antiviral effect?

✅ First?
Plants synthesize various secondary substances in the growing process that can defend themselves from external bacteria in addition to nutrients essential for growth. Secondary metabolites classified as phenolics (flavonoids, quinones, coumarins, tannins, anthocyanins), terpenoids (sterols, saponins, essential oils, cucurbitacins), alkaloids, proteins, and peptides are species-specific and structurally are very diverse. These substances are usually toxic, accompanied by a strong odor, and have the characteristics of attacking pathogens. Due to these various substances and structures, it is possible to show a comprehensive attack function against multiple viruses.

☑️ Second?
Ethnomedicinal developed in China and Korea has established a complex treatment method combining various herbal medicines rather than using natural ones as a single plant. The different antiviral effects of a single plant were combined and amplified into a strong, robust synergistic, enabling clinical results to be applied directly to treating infectious diseases.

As a result, compared to the current chemical drug treatment, chemical antibiotic treatment is effective in antibacterial treatment to kill bacteria, but treatment using natural products is much more effective in antiviral treatment to kill viruses.

The mechanism by which Oriental herbal medicine produces an antiviral effect is not the effect of one or two agents. Instead, it is confirmed that various effects are integrated, and the impact summary is as follows.

  1. Promote autophagy to eliminate viruses directly.
  2. It directly inhibits viral replication and weakens its proliferative function.
  3. Inhibits viral growth through the production of reactive oxygen species.
  4. Attenuates lethality by inducing changes in viral gene expression.
  5. It activates the defense function in the mucous membrane and suppresses the penetration of the virus itself.

Through the above comprehensive action, natural treatment using my herbal medicine can achieve a complete victory in the war against the virus and opens the possibility of treating the fundamental cause of autism.

To learn more about this mechanism, refer to the book “ New Look to Phytomedicine, published in 2019.”

New Look to Phytomedicine (2019)

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