What is the most important factor in the treatment of autism?

What is most important when treating autism? Autism is said to be children who see things rather than people. When people and things are mixed, their world is centred on things rather than people. Children therefore find it more fun to play with objects rather than people. For example, a person who pursues vision prefers a book.


Follow the twinkling lights is a game where you observe objects, for example, keeping your eyes on a moving car and solving puzzles. It is a game that can be played with objects too. Also, children with autism really like mechanical operation. If you look at various behavior patterns such as persistent play with Lego, door play, elevators, etc., you can see that children enjoy playing with objects much more by themselves than playing with people. If this process continues, understanding and taking an interest in people gradually diminishes and disappears. That is why they do not have sound or visual reactions. Eventually, social development will stop. So, what is the most important key to autism treatment? Reviving an interest in people is the key secret. A good treatment includes an interest in people. The process of experiencing the joy of playing with people is a therapeutic process. It should seem like a fun experience for the children for them to want to learn and engage. Playing with people is more fun than playing with things! It is about creating a desire to play and interact with people. It’s a process. 

When that desire is formed, it becomes the process of observing people and turning their gaze towards them. It’s about making the experience of being with people more fun than playing with things. Through experience, children form a desire to play with people. Making people interesting is the key to autism treatment. Playing with other children is important. Also, parents playing with their children is significant.

Take the child to the playground and play, help them interact with other children. This is how you do it. When your child is reading a book, looking at him from the side is not playing with him. It’s not about playing together. Are you playing with your child properly? What is really important when it comes to play? Is it where or with whom or what do you play with? The most important factor is how do you play? Parents often worry about the mechanism and small details of play. For example, shall we play with the sand at the playground? Or should we play inside with books? It does not really matter where you do it. The most important thing is how to play. Even if you bring a book, if the two of you exchange books and play, it can become a fun game. In these stages the child should always be playing with another person and should have fun playing with people. What are good indicators for determining whether play is positive for autism treatment?

-How many times did the child laugh at the mother? – How happy was the child to see their father? How actively did your child participate in the play process? – How actively did the child make suggestions in the play process? These factors can help evaluate the satisfaction for the child during play. How happy and how much did the child laugh? It evaluates how many reactions and positive responses were there. Evaluating the child’s initiative and activity should be included as well, how actively the child participates in play and how active the child’s suggestions are in the play process. The purpose of floortime is to do just that.


It does not matter where you play or with whom and how. It matters with what kind of people you play with, with what intensity, and with what level of enjoyment. This is the key secret of the treatment. Be aware of how meaningful the time is that you spend with your child and always check their responses so you can be more active in play together and get the best outcomes for your family.

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