Everything about a disorder called Epilepsy

This book was written by experts who are in the process of creating the best integrated treatment within Korea in the field of intractable epilepsy. This book tries to discuss the truth about epilepsy and suggests a method of cooperative treatment, which will be of great help to epilepsy patients who are suffering mentally.

This book introduces and discusses treatment methods and success stories for various symptoms such as infantile softening, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, cerebral softening, nodular sclerosis, and partial epilepsy. It also looks at cases of applying “Chinese medicine short treatment” for patients who have been taking anticonvulsants for 22 years and 10-year-old children with severe side effects of anticonvulsants, and cases of herbal medicine treatment, acupuncture, and proper ambulatory treatment for patients with infant lead.

In addition, treatment methods and examples of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and intractable childhood epilepsy, are also introduced. It also mentions a proper life management method for epilepsy patients and contains information on management methods for pregnant women suffering from epilepsy, sleep management methods, stress management methods, photo stimulation and drinking, which are absolutely important for epilepsy patients.

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