Floor time program for autistic children

Floortime is a very powerful and effective treatment method that helps children develop and learn to progress from ADHD, autism, and Asperger syndrome, especially in relation to social development delays. The authors have spent a significant amount of time to realize the true effectiveness of Floortime through its application in real life in the treatment of children with developmental disabilities. It is the first book written about Floortime in Korea. In order to properly implement Floortime, one must first clearly understand the its theoretical system, only then can the appropriate Floortime practice be implemented by evaluating the degree and change of child development. This book summarizes the essence of Floortime theory and covers the experience of the Korean Floortime Center. In addition, it contains specific measures and key examples to conduct Floortime. It is a perfect tutorial and textbook for parents and therapists who want to implement proper Floortime practicde. For readers who want to know what Floortime is, this book will give you the answer.

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