International families, outside of Korea, can also implement the Dr. Tomato protocol for autism treatment. The first step towards treatment is to familiarize yourself with the protocol presented on the website. If you want to proceed with the procedure or have any questions, please fill out the inquiry form below and send it.


Essential details

The child’s name, age, and address
The child’s diagnosis
The child’s medical history
The child’s current symptoms and problems
Treatment programs the child is on or has had previously
A video that shows how the child speaks or plays to understand the child’s behavioral status
A contact number and email address.

When we receive your details via email, we will contact you on Zoom to inform you of the treatment process. If the patient is overseas, we will ship the Korean herbal medicine every three months, and official consultation sessions will be held every three months. Please describe your child’s symptoms in as much detail as possible for more thorough counseling.

If you wish to have your child instantly assessed midway, check out the Dr. Tomato protocol Facebook page. Post your details for follow-up and advice.

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