Interviews with families whose children recovered with Korean Herbal Medicine Treatment

There are countless children who have improved by following the Dr. Tomato protocol. However, one may not be able to see the actual cure rate as-is because I am not allowed to disclose their personal information. What I can share with you are a few cases of children whose parents have spontaneously offered videos of how their children were treated and improved. These videos represent only a fraction of children I have treated. However, you can still see that the Dr. Tomato protocol is capable of recovering severe autism.

Jaeyoung overcame intellectual impairment and autism with a six-month treatment plan

Kim Jaeyoung, aged 5 years and 10 months, had a CARS score of 33 and an IQ of < 70. He was diagnosed with class 3 autism two years before the start of the treatment. In the initial consultation, his eye contact was unstable, he did not respond to calling and his face was expressionless. He could not talk with others but said a few simple words, nor could he play with peers. Even worse, he did not maintain concentration and attention, hence he was unable to learn.

However, I classified him as a child with mild autism spectrum disorder with no cognitive impairment as the child was able to speak and execute simple instructions. I assumed that he would display significant betterment in six months, after which he would be able to attend a regular school, not one for those with special needs. For Jaeyoung, only Korean herbal medicine was used without particular dietary or nutritional therapies. Six months after the beginning of the treatment, he scored 90 points in an IQ test and recovered to the normal development level.


Jaeyoung’s story of escaping from autism (Autism full recovery story with Korean Medicine)

We had an interview with Jaeyoung two years after he was considered completely recovered. Although he experienced some challenges in getting along with peers in year 1, he could do as any other children in year 2. See the following video.

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An interview with Jaeyoung two years later; How Jaeyoung adapted to school life in two years after complete recovery from autism

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Link to an interview with Jaeyoung’s mother: Meeting Jaeyoung & his mom’s advice for parents (2 years after complete recovery from autism)

Habin recovered to normal with a 9-month treatment plan

At 27 months, Habin made no eye contact, did not respond to calling, made no facial expressions, and was nonverbal. The child was in severe autism with no pointing, no conjugate gaze, no interest in people, and no interest in animals.
However, Habin was classified as a mild case in that he used to use ten words before he turned nonverbal at 24 months of age, and he was degenerating when he first came to me.

In this case, too, the child fully recovered from autism in nine months with Korean herbal medicine without any particular dietary or nutritional therapies. He is attending an elementary school, showcasing excellent learning abilities.

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Link to Habin’s treatment case and interview with his mother (interview with Habin’s mom who overcame autism and recovered to normal & Habin’s recent conditions)


Link to Habin’s video in autism and after improvement (Habin mom’s YouTube channel – From ASD to optimal outcome)

Yumin, a binovular twin who was degenerating to severe nonverbal autism

Yumin’s case offers valuable information. The entire process of his change from pre-treatment to complete recovery can be found on YouTube. Conveying the parent’s hope, the 13 interview video series demonstrates how Yumin recovered. Watch through the videos to understand what processes children go through toward betterment following the Dr. Tomato protocol. Here are five of his videos.

Yumin was on the gluten casein diet and Korean herbal medicine treatment. In four months, he was found by a specialist to have recovered from autism. With an eight-month treatment, he reached a development level comparable to his peers.

The treatment lasted for almost two years. At 18 months, he could speak better than his twin sister and showed significant improvement in his cognitive capabilities. Afterwards he returned to being on track for normal development. Early treatment was the key to achieve a rapid response to the treatment.

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How Yumin conquered autism 1 – Honest talk with mom! Intro

Found autistic, Yumin is a 15-month-old binovular twin. He used to show faster development than his twin sister and speak simple words, but his development gradually slowed down and started degenerating. Mom quickly caught it and started treatment at 15 months.

A pediatric psychiatrist diagnosed him with severe autism with a CARS score of 37. He did not make eye contact, respond to calling, or show interest in people, i.e., nonverbal autism.

Day 8 of treatment – improvement of eye contact was visible. He observed others’ faces. He started making eye contact more frequently not only with his mom but also with his dad and grandmother. He showed interest in people’s actions and started smiling again.

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How Yumin conquered autism 2 – What’s the most notable change in the first week of treatment?


How Yumin conquered autism 7 – Week 8 of treatment (October 30) interaction + language imitation

In the eighth week of treatment, he actively engaged in nonverbal communications and interactions. Also, he started spontaneous language imitation, gradually regaining his linguistic ability.

In four and a half months of treatment, he was reevaluated by the pediatric psychiatrist who had diagnosed him with early stage autism. The doctor was impressed by how he had improved and acknowledged that he could develop as normal as others. Although his linguistic ability is still a bit delayed, he actively engages in interactions with others and is now generally out of autism.


Week 19 of autism treatment – Potential for normal development confirmed by a development specialist!


Week 33 of autism treatment – The last interview with Yumin and celebration on complete recovery from autism!

In the eighth month of treatment, Yumin completely recovered from autism spectrum disorder and recovered to a normal development level. His CARS score significantly improved from 17 to 39, and he tested completely normal in all m-chat test items, marking this the end of the interview series.

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