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The Integration of Western and Oriental medicinal treatments for cognitive
developmental disorders in infants and toddlers (Autism, ADHD etc.)

Oriental medicine is a medical treatment with a long tradition, and abundant records show its effectiveness in various intractable diseases. However, because oriental medicine cannot be combined with modern science, the diagnostic tools and emergency management systems for diseases are weak. Therefore, it is critical to developing an integrated and scientific convergence medicine that inherits the traditional oriental treatment based on the diagnosis and management system of scientific medicine combined with science.

I Tomato Oriental Clinic is opening a new chapter in treating incurable diseases by understanding both western and oriental medicine. To this end, together with the Floortime Center, Korea, we are taking the lead in providing necessary treatment, the latest treatment, and integrated treatment for children’s development.

Recently, I Tomato Oriental Clinic and Floortime Center, Korea launched the Floortime Homeschool Program by integrating the research work, field experience, and know-how obtained for many years by experts on child development. Through this, we provide a variety of online coaching programs that allow parents to lead children’s developmental play at home easily.


Dr. Moon Ju Kim of I Tomato Clinic graduated from the Department of Life Sciences at Yonsei University and the College of Oriental Medicine at Gachon University. During the 2000s, he was the first oriental medical doctor in Korea to start treating epilepsy with oriental medicine.

Advocating for a hospital that combines western medicine and oriental medicine, he established the I Tomato Oriental Medicine Hospital (formerly East-West Convergence Hospital) in 2013, treating pediatric brain diseases such as autism, epilepsy, and ADHD syndrome. Recently, he published a paper on ‘Effect and Safety of SGT for Drug Resistant Childhood Epilepsy’ in an SCI-level international academic journal, taking the lead in oriental medicine treatment for intractable pediatric neurological diseases.
Currently, he is the chief doctor in the I Tomato Oriental Clinic, focusing on treating intractable diseases in children, namely developmental disorders of infants and young children such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome and intractable brain diseases in children.

Provides Optimized treatment and solutions as an integrated protocol based on brain research and child psychology

Provides Optimized treatment and solutions as an integrated protocol based on brain research and child psychology

DIR Floortime is a Relationship based child developmental approach formulated by US pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Greenspan. It consists of child-centered programs rather than task-oriented programs, and supports children’s social and emotional development. We provide optimized treatment for children and training for parents to support their social and cognitive developmental difficulties.
Floortime Center, Korea provides parents with early diagnosis for infants with slow development and individual intervention programs tailored to their child’s developmental stage and individual differences. In addition, it induces optimal learning considering all of the child’s developmental situation, sensory characteristics, physical characteristics, family, and social situation.
The Floortime Center, Korea has officially completed DIR Floortime training in the US and is implementing the most up-to-date autism treatment program in Korea.

She Graduated from Yonsei University Graduate School of Business and Hanyang Cyber University Graduate School, and took MA from Department of Child and Family Studies
She graduated from Ewha University, Department of Foreign Language Education.
She is a child counselor, art psychology counselor, and child development evaluation expert. She is the director of Floortime Korea and she established the Cognitive Development Institute Webrain. She is an Expert Training Leader of the DIR Floortime Association (ICDL), US.

MARU PLAY (DIR Floortime based homeschool program)

Marunori (tentative name) is a parent coaching program for child development co-developed by the Child Development Institute, I Tomato Oriental Clinic and the Floor time Center, Korea. It was developed by integrating the research in brain immunotherapy and the know-how of many excellent child development experts obtained over many years.
DIR is an approach that encourages parents to support social and cognitive development through child-led interaction as a cornerstone. We provide accessible and diverse online (non-face-to-face) coaching programs that allow parents to lead professional child development play at home. It is a new paradigm program that parents can proceed directly at home, unlike the traditional way that relied only on treatment centers in the past. Marunori (tentative name) comprises three sections: sensory development coaching, cognitive development coaching, and floor time coaching.

Webrain, a DIR floortime parent education center for children who need developmental interventions, established by itomato Clinic,
Korean leading Autism specialized clinic and Floortime Center, Korea. We are proud to be at the forefront of a fundamental and innovative integrated protocol in a developmental intervention program for children with challenges. We are confident that our efforts will help children and support families.

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